PCD PHARMA FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY – ZENACTS PHARMA is India’s leading Pharma Franchise Company, with a solid reputation in the industry. The business offers a broad variety of high-quality pharmaceutical goods and services. Unlike others, we pay attention to all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, and other medical actors. As a result, our product costs are affordable, and we offer a comprehensive PCD pharma pricing list. We provide our pharma franchise partners with the greatest sales training, marketing resources, and network support so that they may grow with the firm and expand their businesses smoothly.

We understand the needs of every Pharma Franchise and are dedicated to providing the franchise with all of the exclusive rights that are required. We are always favorable for developing our partner businesses and delivering the finest chances to new PCD enterprises as a high-quality pharma franchiser.


  • A large selection of almost 450 goods
  • Products with WHO GMP Certification
  • There is no market competition.
  • Continuously improve with an ISO certified company
  • Support that is dedicated and dependable
  • Cost Effectiveness

India’s leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company

We are the first and top PCD pharmaceutical company in the country. We are a manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical goods using cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge infrastructure. In the marketplace, our goods and services are in great demand. Before being delivered, all of our items are thoroughly examined by our quality staff. All of our products are safe and include the greatest amount of nutrition that is extremely useful for patients since we use precise manufacturing techniques. In our healthcare products with specific compositions, we use high-quality vitamins, chemicals, proteins, and other substances.

We have the benchmark PCD pharma business product list to help our customers as a most reputable PCD pharma company in Chandigarh. We collaborate with our PCD franchise partners to bring important drugs to market and distribute them in a variety of areas. Long practice has guided our talents and high-level competence, allowing us to stay ahead of the competitors in this industry. Our extensive distribution networks not only enable us to provide society with reliable goods at reasonable prices, but they also increase demand for our products and our partners’ profits.

At Zenacts Pharma, we strive to make it possible for a wide variety of product formulations to achieve higher quality standards. We are committed to building long-term and loyal relationships with our franchise partners by providing the greatest healthcare goods. We have a smart and well-trained staff of pharma professionals that ensure that healthcare items are delivered on schedule. Our staff provide high-quality items at an affordable price. They provide our company partners with extensive marketing and promotional support. We also provide exact distribution rights, pharma goods, sales, distribution, network, and marketing assistance to our partners.

We use a systematic quality assurance strategy in our corporation as a GMP 2011 certified company.

In preserving the quality of our variety of formulations, such as tablets, capsules, injections, and novel medications that are also DCGI Approved, we also follow GMP as per WHO guidelines.

We undertake frequent testing on our range for purity, precise composition, and efficacy in order to provide superior formulations.

We have been able to carve out a niche for ourselves as a fast-growing pharmaceutical company because to his extensive expertise and in-depth understanding.

Furthermore, we are backed by a big number of colleagues from all across the nation who assist us in the distribution of our goods.

We are effectively catering to the needs of our clientele distributed throughout the country thanks to our efficient marketing approach backed by Quality Products.


The drug controller has granted Zenacts Pharma permission to advertise medicinal items.

We have a large Godown for pharmaceutical product storage, where the items are exhibited and preserved in excellent condition.


  • Our company is committed to meeting the needs of our customers all around the globe by supplying the highest quality goods.
  • We believe that our first responsibility is to the millions of patients who utilize our products throughout the country.
  • Our firm is presently concentrating on gaining a foothold in the worldwide market by developing branded formulas and high-quality patent brands.
  • Our company has a global vision and is committed to achieving its objective, and we expect you to make Zenacts Pharma your trusted aim.
  • We are a reputable pharmaceutical firm that was founded in 2011 by live wire marketing enthusiasts.
  • Our firm launched a variety of 25 novel compounds on the market in 2011, and we now have over 430 items, including our company and corporate divisions
  • We have assisted our numerous customers for market establishment to aid us in marketing and throughout the distribution process.
  • Our firm, which has received WHO GMP and ISO 2011 accreditation, has also established a production unit with cutting-edge equipment.
  • Large pharmaceutical companies use these facilities to manufacture their drugs.
  • Furthermore, our organization has expanded its global network.






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